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19 July 2009

Well, it looks like I have an 'archive site' here that needs major updating. I have had many changes in email, hosting, and links of interest -- since this site was uploaded.

I am glad to say this 'archive' will help me to creat pages on my WordPress blogs -- which relate to these, and other topics.

Of course, this opens the question should I begin anew "blog" dedicated to my old college class notes and research papers?


I think I'll just use my "www.Calcis.Net/blog" site and migrate the page content there -- whenever I have time and can focus my energies to such a project.

Right now, I have way too many pressing projects -- eBay, Bonanzle, MyFamily, Family research, and photos to be found and edited.

The photo situation is most pressing -- it relates to the eBay and Bonanzle posting project. Which is stalled by the lack of NOT knowing where my scanned items are on the hard drive.

Linux behaves different from MS's OS -- so I have not been able to migrate/import images the Linux version of PICASA, (as I easily would have been able to in Microsoft) -- but this is the only major hassle that I have had since switching to Linux.

Passing the hurdle of finding pictures is only a temporary problem; but it has been driving me nuts -- I could so easily have done it in MS-XP -- but then I would not know how to the equivalant in Linux, then, would I?

Enough of a ramble. Food is about done.
-- Cathy Ann Abernathy

December 11, 2003

Well, looks like I might have the ( re-direct pages corrected, and sending the readers to my newest domain now. Of course, not all of the pages will be forwarded, just certain ones that I have severely re-vamped, and given a totally new look to.

As for the others, well, I will correct the missing photos/images, the lost backgrounds, and remove dead links; as time allows -- so please be patient.

If you run across a page which has major errors, feel free to email the address, and details of the problem that you found.

Here's my latest email address:

[no link...keeps the online 'email harvesters' from getting it for SPAM usage.]

Hope you are have a safe, happy and wonderful Christmas & New Year's Holiday season!!!

I will be writing again soon.

-- Cathy Ann Abernathy

December 6, 2003

Hello, again.

Welcome to my revamped webpage.

My domain is still temporarily in limbo, but I did want my 'presence' to be felt on the web.

Thus, this bare-bones page was built.

Please, stop by again soon.

Until the domain name is once again active, check out my back-up pages at this address:

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I will be updating this page again shortly, and I will appreciate any and all input from my readers.

Thank you,

-- Cathy Ann Abernathy

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